Music and Nationalism
in 20th-Century Great Britain and Finland

Edited by Tomi Mäkelä
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ISBN 978-3-928770-99-6; 258 S., Hamburg 1997; 15,00 Euro

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Meanwhile it is clearly as hard for composers to renounce nationality as it is for their music to resist all attempts to bring nationality into the frame of its critical and analytical interpretation. Late 20th century musical nationalism tends in reality to be a particular, personal, multinational synthesis: and the greatest value the phenomenon has for the analyst is in reinforcing the primacy of the individual personality which creates those memorable compositional structures.
Arnold Whittall (King's College, London)

Tomi Mäkelä:
Towards a Theory of lnternationalism, Europeanism, Nationalism and Co-Nationalism in 20th-century Music.

Arnold Whittall:
Personal Style, Impersonal Structure? Music Analysis and Nationality.

Peter Dickinson:
Nationalism is not Enough: A Composer's Perspective.

Ilkka Oramo:
Beyond Nationalism.

Kalevi Aho:
Music, Nationality and Society.

Erkki Toivanen:
The Allure of Distant Strains: Musical Receptiveness of the Anglo-Saxon.

Matti Vainio:
How Modernism Came to Finland? An Exposition of the History of Ideas.

Erkki Saimenhaara:
Finnish Music in the 20s and 30s: lnternationalism vs. Nationalism.

Mikko Heiniö:
The Main Trend in Finnish Music in the 1970s and 1980s and the Problem of "Finnishness".

Matti Huttunen:
Nationalistic and Non-Nationalistic Views of Sibelius in 20th-century Finnish Music History Writing.

Lewis Foreman:
English Musical Character: Intrinsic or Learned?

Raymond Monelle:
Scottish Music, Real and Spurious.

Malcolm MacDonald:
Aspects of Scottish Musical Nationalism in the 20th Century, with special reference to the Music of F. G. Scott, Ronald Center and Ronald Stevenson.

Jeremy Dibble:
Musical Nationalism in Ireland in the Twentieth Century: Complexities and Contradictions.

Axel Klein:
An "old eminence among musical nations". Nationalism and the Case for a Musical History in Ireland.

Alain Frogley:
'Getting ist History Wrong': English Nationalism and the Reception of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Gunnar Sundberg:
National Parallels in the Orchestral Works of Jean Sibelius and Arnold Bax: Focusing on Their Symphonic Language.

Kauko Karjalainen:
Nationalism in Leevi Madetoja's Operatic Works.

Helena Tyrväinen:
The Solitary Way of Uuno Klami.

Editor: Tomi Mäkelä, Professor of Musicology at the University of Magdeburg, Germany

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